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Odoo 17 Release Notes

New UI design

The redesign encompasses significant improvements in both usability and esthetics. The primary goal was to enhance the overall UX and provide a visually appealing interface that promotes intuitive interactions.

“Search more” becomes “View all”

Users can now click ‘View all’ in dropdown menus, which opens a list in a dialog, facilitating differentiation between potentially identical records.

Advanced search

Edit existing searches and create custom filters easily using the new advanced search. Filters created by users are more efficient by default, searching on records instead of text.

Avatar card preview

Get information regarding a user or an employee by clicking on their avatar. HR and Contact information will display in a card format.

Map sidebar

The map view sidebar is now on the left, similar to other views in Odoo.

Chatter: message and note translations

Enable translations for messages and notes in the chatter.

Confirm and cancel shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts to confirm (ALT/CMD+Q) or cancel (ALT/CMD+X) have been made more consistent across all apps.

Date formatting on import

Use custom date and datetime formats during import.

Dialog validation shortcut

Confirm dialog boxes anywhere in Odoo with the CTRL+Enter keyboard shortcut.

Disable opening of form view modal

Clicking on a read-only embedded list item no longer opens a dialog with a form view for the item.

Disable spell checks

Text inputs are ignored by browser spell checks when the text field is not selected.

Domain editor folding

The domain editor takes less space by default and can be unfolded to show its contents, saving some screen real estate.

Domain selector

The domain selector field has been improved and comes with a clearer UI to allow faster data entry.

Duration tracking / stage

The form view’s status pipeline shows how long a task, ticket, or lead has stayed in each stage.

Editor: integrate ChatGPT in powerbox

Use AI to generate and improve existing text based on a prompt with the /ChatGPT shortcut.

Email aliases feedback

Get feedback on the status of email aliases.

Email bounce feedback

Get feedback on why your email bounced.

Email template management

Create and manage your own email templates as a user.

Freeze headers

Kanban and List column titles remain visible at all times when scrolling.

Gamification: track karma

Track where karma points come from in a dedicated menu.

Group by properties

Group your records with the values of property fields.

Human-readable numeric fields

Developers can now display numeric fields using abbreviations (e.g., 500k instead of 500,000).

Kanban: quick record creation

Kanban views grouped by a many-to-many relation (e.g., tags, assignees, etc.) now allow the quick creation of records directly in the column.

List view: mass-duplicate records

Mass-duplicate records directly from any list view.

Mixed stacked bar / line chart

Analyze trends more easily on stacked bar charts by adding a line graph displaying group totals.

Mobile app shortcuts

Access useful Odoo apps with shortcuts on the mobile application.

Moveable dialog windows

Dialog windows in Odoo can be moved around, allowing users to see data that may otherwise be hidden.

Multi-domain aliases

Use multiple mail domains on a single database.

Odoo PWA

Install Odoo as a Progressive Web App to install it on any device for easy access. Get all the features of the old Odoo mobile app without the need to download anything from your device’s app store.

OWL grid view

The grid view has been converted to OWL, improving the view’s performance and enabling new features, such as displaying sample data.

Properties support in domain selector

Property fields can now be searched properly in the advanced search.

Property fields

Property fields have been added to additional models.

Property fields in list views

Display property fields in list view by adding optional columns.

Quick user assign

Quickly assign or unassign users from records in kanban views by clicking the avatar.

Range selection shortcut

Select/unselect ranges in list view using the Shift key and mouse clicks or the Up and Down Arrow keys.

Ratings on email templates

Ask customers for their opinion by adding ratings to your email templates.

Re-order apps

Each user can re-order their app icons on the dashboard by dragging-and-dropping them.

Responsible fields

Assign yourself to records instantly: your user is always suggested first when using “responsible” fields.

Search property fields

Search for records using the property fields you created.

Separator field type

Group property fields into categories by using collapsible separator fields.

SMS status

Receive feedback on the status of your SMS text messages.

Stacked bar charts

Stacked bar charts now include a line graph displaying the groups’ totals for easier trend analysis.

Text editor: font size input

Enter any value to set a text’s font size.

Unfollow from inbox

Unfollow threads from their message in your email or Odoo inbox.

Unselect all records

Unselect all list view records from the control panel.


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