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A Construction Management System (CMS) is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and optimize the various processes involved in construction projects. It serves as a centralized platform to facilitate collaboration, communication, and data management throughout the entire lifecycle of a construction project.


Create a Work Breakdown Template:

You Can Create a Template That has Material, Labor, Expenses, Equipment, and Subcontractor Costs

Construction Project Form

Owner Contract Form:
  • It Contains All information about the Project, all deductions & allowances, and Extra Expenses.
  • Create a Completion request or subcontract.
  • Create Extra expenses invoice.
  • Can Generate all Completion requests based on percentage or duration.

Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS):

You Can Divide Your Project into a Work Breakdown Structure by the unit you will Complete.

Completion request:
  • It contains deduction & allowance.
  • After confirming You can Create an Invoice for accepting the percentage amount.

Subcontracts from the owner Contract:

  • You Can Create a Subcontract Delivery Request.
  • Every Subcontract Delivery Request Can Create an Expense Invoice

Create subcontract delivery requests

Combine subcontract delivery requests into one Completion request

Project settings:

  • Configure owner Contract partner account & revenue account.
  • Configure sub-contractor partner account & revenue account.

Project Unit Types: